Chandrans feeds Layer mash feeds are of excellent quality and made available at affordable prices. Fortified with essential vitamins, Minerals, Calcium, Phosphorous and other required enzymes, Chandrans feeds Layer Feeds ensures best Possible HHP. Layer Feeds are available in different variants like Chick mash, Grower mash, Prelayer mash and Layer mash. We provide customised feed to suit the nutritional requirements of different breeds like Babcock, Bovans, Hyline and Lohmann.

Sno Name Recommendation
1 Chick Mash Chicks upto 8 wks of age
2 Grower Mash Birds from 8 to 16 wks of age
3 Prelayer mash From 16 weeks to 5% Production
4 Layer Phase 1 Mash From 5% Production to 45 wks of age
5 Layer Phase 2 Mash From 45 wks to 72 wks