Chandrans feeds is capable of producing Broiler feed, Broiler Breeder feed, Commercial layer feed, Colour Broiler feed & Cattle feed.

Poultry feed being the major input in the poultry production accounts for 70% – 90% of the total production cost. With the poultry industry in India ready for a rapid growth, availability and cost can become critical influencing the production costs and the overall quality of the product. With this keen understanding and foresight, Chandrans feeds, through its new feed mill assures you receive highest quality of feed in a timely manner and in adequate quantities.

Chandrans feeds feed mill is automated with inbuilt facility to store all major ingredients in silos. The finished product and other ingredients are further safely stored in the godowns. Batch weighing system, mixer and grinding systems are automated through logic controls. The end product is handled automatically from raw material input to loading.

The feed produced in Chandrans feeds completely automated mills meets the highest hygiene and environmental standards.