We are a fast growing Poultry Layer operation based out of Palladam, Puliampatti. We have been in the egg production business for the past 25 years and we enjoy the reputation in the market place as providers of products with consistent quality & good scientific management practices. Our facilities include a start of the art Microbiology & feed testing lab for continuous improvement & Development. We are a vertically integrated operation with own feed mill & Chick and grower operations. We have our own Retailing set up also.

Our farm is a modern farm with all the birds in Cages in elevated open sided sheds with automatic feeding & egg collection.

We are into manufacture of Table eggs & Layer mash feed for domestic market & exports. We have capability to produce clean eggs (For Vaccine production) & can supply Pullet birds at point of lay.


Sanjay breeding farm: Udumalpet

Chandrans Poultry farm: Palladam Puliampatti

Chandrans Breeding farm Unit 1: Palladam Puliampatti

Chandrans Breeding farm Unit 2: Palladam Puliampatti

Chandrans feeds: Palladam Puliampatti

Kasthuri Hitech hatchery: Appanaickenpatti, Sulur