Layer concentrate

The layer concentrate that we manufacture is designed to meet the nutritional needs of laying hens. This type of concentrate is essential for the proper development of the hens and the production of high-quality eggs.

Our layer concentrate contains a balanced blend of nutrients, including protein, vitamins, crude fiber, crude ash minerals, and amino acids. It is typically made from a variety of ingredients, such as grains, soybeans, and other plant-based materials, which are carefully selected and blended to provide the necessary nutrients for laying hens.

How does our Layer Concentrate make a difference?

Laying hens have specific nutritional requirements that are different from other types of poultry. To encourage the production of eggs, they need a well-balanced diet that is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Therefore we manufacture layer Concentrate that is specifically formulated to meet these requirements, which is why it is essential for the health and productivity of your laying hens.

In addition to providing the necessary nutrients, our layer concentrate can also help prevent health problems in laying hens. For example, a lack of calcium in their diet can lead to weak eggshells, which can result in broken eggs and egg-laying problems. A lack of other nutrients can also lead to health issues, such as feather loss and reduced egg production.

The difference you see after using our layer concentrate

Improved Egg Production: The layer concentrate is formulated keeping in mind the nutrition required for the hens to lay eggs, which can help improve their egg production. The high protein content in layer concentrate can also help promote egg development, resulting in larger, higher-quality eggs.

Stronger Eggshells: Our layer concentrate contains a high level of calcium, which is essential for the development of strong eggshells. By doing so, egg breakage can be reduced and the overall quality of the eggs produced can be improved.

Sno Name Recommendation
1 Broiler Breeder Chick Mash Chicks upto 6 wks of age
2 Broiler Breeder Grower Mash Birds from 6 to 16 wks of age
3 Broiler Breeder Prelayer Mash Birds from 16 to 24 wks of age
4 Broiler Breeder Layer Mash - PhaseI Birds from 24 to 45 wks of age
5 Broiler Breeder Layer Mash - PhaseII Birds from 45 to 68 of age
6 Broiler Breeder Male Feed Mash Male Broiler Breeder