Chandrans feeds Broiler Feeds are of highest quality standard to give best Cost Benefit ratio in the farms. Best quality handpicked raw materials, by a well-designed formulation, are processed with advanced technology manufacturing process. The Feeds are enriched with all essential Amino acids, Minerals, Vitamins, enzymes, preventive medicines and other required Feed additives.

Chandrans feeds Broiler Feeds are basically designed and manufactured in mash feed forms for homogeneous distribution of essential ingredients and nutrients for Best results. We provide customised feed to suit the nutritional requirements of different breeds like Vencobb, Ross, Hubbard and Arbor acres.

Sno Name Recommendation
1 Broiler Prestarter mash Upto 10 days of age
2 Broiler Starter Mash Broiler From 10 to 24 days of age
3 Broiler Finisher Mash Broiler From 24 to marketing